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Who Said Andrew Jackson Was a Mulatto?

25 Oct



Yesterday, one of my co-workers told me he is not voting. He said he can’t stand either candidate in this race. He said they’re both dishonest liars.

I told him the same thing I’m telling everyone who gives me this lame excuse for not voting. Nothing has changed in politics. Candidates have been doing their share of dirt for years.
  • Kennedy, MLK, and Hamilton were cheating on their wives. Alexander Hamilton had a 2-year affair and actually paid the woman’s husband blackmail money to keep it a secret!
  • Senator Strom Thurmon had a black daughter out of wedlock (even though he was a staunch advocate of segregation).
  • Presidents McKinley, Wilson, Harding, Coolidge, and Truman were all reportedly members of the KKK. There is documented proof that Truman paid KKK dues for years.
  • Andrew Jackson owned at least 300 slaves. He also signed a law for the forcible removal and brutal relocation of Native American tribes from the American South. In the 1828 election against Jackson, John Quincy Adams supporters accused Jackson’s mama of being a prostitute who married a mulatto man. They even went so far as to accuse Jackson of being a mulatto offspring!
Incidentally, the election of 1828 has been called one of the dirtiest elections on record. Jackson’s supporters called Adams an adulterer and a pimp. Adams’s supporters called Jackson a hothead and a murderer (I’m not sure if killing people in duels counts as murder, but you get the point).
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So, you see, scandalous shit has been happening for centuries. But none of this info was readily available to the public back in day.

Today, EVERYTHING is recorded, filmed, tweeted, posted, shapchatted, blogged, and Instagramed for the world to see. It’s all out in the open. Case in point: Anthony Weiner, Richard Nixon, Elliot Spitzer, Nikki Haley, and Marion Barry.
I’ll admit, there was a gold standard for political decorum decades ago. People didn’t say certain stuff in public. But this is the age of ‘anything goes’ and our politics reflect it.
The one thing that remains the same is that we do get a chance to vote. We still have the right to cast our ballot. Whether you think the system is rigged or not, you have the chance to go through the motions and select the candidate of your choice.

So, stop bitching and whining about how unfair life is. I’m a black woman over 40. Life ain’t always fair. If I let the unfairness of life be my guideline, I’d have never gotten anything accomplished.