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15 Oct



Enchanted Keepsakes

The Sexy Scribblers are stirring up a little magic with our latest series, Enchanted Keepsakes. Fourteen tales of romance, mystery, and of course, enchantment!


My story, Legacy, set in 1930s Detroit, centers around a charmed locket that brings two unlikely lovers together. 


In 1930s Detroit, Jackson Chandler owns the most successful speakeasy in Black Bottom, one of the city’s poorest sections of town. Born into a family of wealth, he’s lived most of his life trying to distance himself from his uncle, a notorious cathouse owner. But with prohibition, a spoiled fiancée, and his family’s nefarious reputation, he’s got his own problems. When his club’s rumrunner is murdered by mobsters, things go from bad to worse. He needs a replacement, fast. With his legacy at stake, Jackson will do anything to protect his name and his club—including offering the job to someone no one would expect.
Jolene Edwards has seen her share of hard times. With a terminally ill grandmother to support, she does whatever is necessary to survive during the nation’s Great Depression. When an opportunity to become a rumrunner lands in her lap, she leaps at the chance to make enough money to lift herself out of poverty. The stakes are high. Transporting liquor illegally means danger, possible imprisonment, and dealing with Jackson Chandler, a man she can’t stand, but one she fights her attraction to from the moment they meet.
When the two realize they both have a connection to the same gold locket, they begin to see each other in a new light. One night, a near-fatal accident throws them together and forever changes their destiny.



“I’m coming back for my locket,” Jolene vowed. “I just need this money for a short term loan. When I get my promotion next week, I’ll be able to buy it back.”
The shop owner nodded. “I can tell you have a deep attachment to it.”
Jolene had a much deeper attachment to her grandma. The old woman had raised her since Mama died twenty years ago. Now, at age twenty-four, Jolene tried to take care of Orlean the best way she could. She slid the money into the deep pockets of her coat as she thought about the medicine this would buy.
The bell jingled at the shop’s front door.
“Hello!” a man’s voice bellowed. “Anyone here?”
“Excuse me for a moment,” the woman said to Jolene.
Jolene wandered near the back of the antique store, her eyes sliding across a bookshelf loaded down with oddities. Old paper fans. Engraved metal boxes. A tall lamp in the shape of a parrot. This shop really did have something for everyone.
“I’m looking for a gift for a woman,” Jolene heard the man’s deep voice caress the air. Goosebumps pricked her forearms. What kind of man owned such a velvet voice?
“It can’t be just any gift,” a second man added. “Because the woman ain’t just any woman. It’s his soon-to-be-fiancée.”
Jolene hid behind a dress form draped in a Victorian dress. The full taffeta skirts and puffed sleeves provided the perfect hiding spot for her to view two men. They both wore fine, long cashmere coats over dark suits with polished, wingtip shoes. The tallest one was staggeringly handsome, so much so that Jolene grasped the dress form’s padded shoulder to steady her wobbly knees.
The man’s sable gaze languidly roamed the room. His broad nose dipped into full lips and a strong chin. His coal-colored, pencil-thin mustache was the only hair she could see until he removed the black fedora covering his head. His close-cropped dark hair was exactly what she’d expected. The man was as sharp as a new tack.
Both his clothing and the powerful way he stood—as though he owned the place—indicated a quiet strength ready to be unleashed at the slightest provocation. A bowtie hung loose around his starched, white collar as if waiting until the last moment to be tied. Could it be that he wasn’t comfortable getting all gussied up?
At that moment, long mahogany fingers reached up and tugged on his collar, confirming her suspicions. Something or someone had made him dress up for the occasion.
The shorter, thick-necked man was identical in appearance, and based on his resemblance, she figured the two were related. She didn’t see colored men this dapper on a regular basis—not even in Vincent’s place, and he catered to an upscale clientele.
The shop owner approached him. “Can I help you?” she asked.
“I’m looking for a gift for a woman.”
“Only the best for Jackson Chandler’s woman,” the shorter man quipped.
Jolene almost knocked over the dress form.
Jackson Chandler!
She’d heard the Chandler name whispered in awe by wealthy and poor folks alike. Jackson was the nephew of Lincoln Chandler, the notorious proprietor of The Honey Pot, a cathouse that catered to well-to-do clients, both colored and white. Of course, the front façade was merely that—a front. Lincoln had the audacity to operate it as a real condiments store, complete with homemade jams, jellies, sauces, and honey.
But everyone knew what went on in the bowels of that den of sin. The Honey Pot was rumored to be rife with underground tunnels and an elaborate setup of rooms to house his working girls.
Jackson owned Chandler’s, a successful speakeasy, which he’d vainly named after himself. In all these years, she’d never laid eyes on any of the Chandler men. Now, she finally knew what two of them looked like. She was disgusted by her reaction to Jackson. How could she have found him remotely attractive? He was spawned by a family of flesh-peddlers!
The brothers were quite a pair. Jackson was a ruthless businessman. Monroe was a known womanizer. It was time she high-tailed it out of here before she said something to them she would end up regretting.
While the men had their backs to her, she tiptoed toward the front of the store.
She’d almost made it to the door when she stepped on a rickety board. The old wood groaned beneath her feet, crashing her hopes for a quick getaway. She cursed under her breath, as she kept walking, determined to escape. Her goal was to make it to that red door, flee into the dark streets, and be swallowed up by the black night.
But fate was not on her side. The frayed hem of her tattered coat snagged the corner of a metal desk and tugged her back. She lost her balance momentarily, flailing her arms in an attempt to stay upright. Her shoes refused to cooperate. She teetered on her heels before falling backwards. The room tilted as she went down. Her heart slammed against her ribcage. Just when she thought she would collide with the floor, a cloud of soft cashmere wrapped around her.
She didn’t know whether to be relieved or annoyed when the pair of strong arms caught her. She looked up and stared directly into the handsome face of Jackson Chandler. Her breath hitched. Up close, the man was even more striking. His black licorice eyes held hers hostage. His woodsy cologne invaded her senses. His embrace was protective and confident. His full lips looked…kissable.
A tangle of emotions whipped through her. Fear. Excitement. Desire. Confusion. The one she clung to was indignation. How dare he arouse these feelings in her? And even worse, how dare her body respond?
“Well, are you going to hold me prisoner all day?” she demanded. “Or are you going to let me go?”


Available for pre-order October 24th.


Each story has a separate release date. To see all the stories in the Enchanted Keepsakes series, visit us at Sexy Scribblers.


My First Comic Con – Won’t Be the Last!

25 Nov

Remember back in April when I said I was outta here and you could follow me on my website instead of my blog? Today, I changed my mind. And I can do that under Section 4, Subsection 8, Paragraph ii of the Chanta Rand Code of Conduct. Basically, that translates to a Woman’s Prerogative – not to be confused with Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative.”

So, what made me want to get off my pajama-fleeced bottom and blog today? These little cuties below:

Baby Predators 2

Baby Predators

No, these baby Predators are not the love children of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I spotted them at the Wizard World Comic Con in Austin, TX. So cute! The little one couldn’t have been more than two years old. The older one is probably six or seven.  Don’t you wanna just take them home and bake them some cookies?  While I was there, I also got a chance to meet Michael Rooker (A.K.A. Merle Dixon).

Me and Michael Rooker

Me with Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon from The Walking Dead)

Mr. Rooker was super cool. He was a nice guy and he graciously signed my Merle and Daryl Dixon 2-pack action figure and he posed for a pic. He was AWESOME! I’m so sad Merle had to leave The Walking Dead just when his character was finding some redeeming qualities. While I’m at it, a big shout-out to Danai Guirira.  Michone, you’re still my favorite character on TWD.

I had an amazing time at Austin Comic Con, and I will definitely be going again.  You can see the other peeps I ran into at Comic Con below. And don’t forget to vote in the poll below. Tell me which pick you like the best! Until we meet again. Ciao for now!

Conan take me away

Conan, Take me Away!


Is that you, Leonidas?

Ice cream is bad for you

New Bluebell flavor: Chocolate CRUNK

Man of Steel

The real Man of Steel

Michonne look a like

Michonne Look-a-like

Steam Ain't No Punk

Steam Ain’t No Punk

Walter White

Walter White Look-a-Like


Anime duo. I don’t know their names, but they are kickass!

Princess Leia has a pow-wow

Princess Leia has a pow-wow


Queen of Hearts

Which one is you favorite?

Covering History

4 Mar

I just finished watching The Bible on the History Channel. I have four words: DIS A POINT ING. I don’t know why I relied on the History Channel to accurately depict history. Call me naïve, but I figured their name alone might suggest that they’re interested in shows that teach us about, history. My bad.While no one can truly ascertain what many of the famous characters in the bible looked like (including Noah, Moses, and Abraham), I know the ancient Egyptians didn’t look like the folks they showed. I won’t get into all the controversial facts–like how Egypt is Africa, and only people of color would have been able to flourish there in the blazing desert sun.

Any level of basic research will show you what the ancient Egyptians looked like. Oh, and it helps if you actually visit the country like I did in 2010. I was not at all surprised to see Egyptians whose skin color mirrored my own. And in Aswan (a mere 11 hours from Cairo) there were so many shades of black and brown, I felt like I was at the Essence Festival!

Aswan is located in what used to be ancient Nubia, the setting for my historical romance, PHARAOH’S DESIRE. I’m scheduled to release the sequel, GODDESS in a few months. In the meantime, I’m excited to unveil my new covers. Yep, that’s right: covers. I like them both, but as you know, there can only be one. So, will you help me choose?

Please vote in the poll below. Whichever cover garners the most votes will be the one I choose. Also, be on the lookout for GODDESS on April 10th. One thing you can be sure of is there will be plenty of drama, steamy sex, and most important, historical accuracy.

Cover A

Cover A

Goddess Cover B

Cover B


Valentine’s Day Sucks!

4 Feb

While it’s true, I’m a romance writer, I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day. To me, it’s the guilt holiday. Retailers prey on your sympathies and make you feel less than human if you don’t have a significant other on one freakin’ day of the month!

Who cares what else you do on the 13th and 15th, but dammit, on February 14th, you’d better be eating dinner at a fancy restaurant, sending or receiving flowers, overdosing on chocolate, or engaging in any other stupid romantic traditions that really have nothing to do with love. For me, the most romantic thing you can do is pay my mortgage.

Love = Financial Security.

Just ask Suze Orman.

February may be the shortest month, but it’s packed with succulent tidbits of facts and history. Just a few of the important events in February are:

My birthday (Feb 22nd). Shout out to all the Pisces and wanna-be Pisces, because let’s face it: Who doesn’t want to be a fish? Or a mermaid?  Or a seahorse?
Okay, I went too far with that one.
I also share a birthday with George Washington. I guess that’s why I’m so obsessed with my dollars!

Other famous Pisceans who share my birthdate are:

  • Drew Barrymore (Loved her in Never Been Kissed)
  • The late Steve Irwin (Crocodile Man)
  • Julius “Dr. J.” Erving
  • Clinton Kelly (co-host of What Not to Wear)
  • Composer Frederic Chopin
  • The late Senator Edward Kennedy

Black History Month. Wow, I have been getting my fair share of Roots, Queen, The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, and much more. I love history in all forms, so this is right up my alley.  February is the month we pay homage to those pioneers who came before us and contributed to American History (because Black History is all of our history). If you want to celebrate by reading some great African American historical romances, check these out:

  • Escape to Falmouth by Lena Joy Rose (my absolute favorite historical)
  • His Treasure by Kiru Taye (she has a series of great historicals)
  • Dark Genesis by AD Kobah (paranormal historical)
  • Promise of Canaan by Jane Kent (excellent book)
  • Buttercup by Sienna Mynx
  • Passion’s Furies by Altonya Washington
  • Ms. Etta’s Fasthouse (set in the 1940s) by Victor McGlothin
  • Nowhere to Run by Gay G. Gumn
  • Pharaoh’s Desire by Chanta Rand (I know, shameless plug!)
  • The Healer’s Warrior by Renee Lewin
  • ANY historical by Beverly Jenkins – they’re all good! My favorite is still her very first one (Night Song).

My Tweeting Experiment. Since February is the shortest month of the year, I’ve decided to tweet every day once a day for the entire month. This is a rare thing for me. Kinda like Governor Rick Perry saying something that actually makes sense. Well, not that rare! I’m going to see if Tweeting on the regular broadens my network, gains me some new friends, and increases book sales (Yeah, I said it! Ain’t no shame in my game).

Valentine’s Day. Okay, I know I said Valentine’s Day sucks, but just for you diehard romantics, I’ve listed a few African American Valentine stories. I haven’t read any of them yet, but if you have, let me know what you think about them. Who knows? You just might change my mind about this guilt-ridden holiday.

  • A Valentine Challenge by Kiru Taye
  • When Valentines Collide by Adrianne Byrd
  • Wicked Valentine by Samra King
  • The Valentine Masquerade by Elise Marion
  • Her Cajun Valentine by Vee Michaels
  • In Her Wildest Dreams by Farrah Rochon

The titles below really caught my attention, so I listed them just for the hell of it. If anyone has read any of these, leave a comment! I’m curious.

  • The Trouble With Valentine’s Day by Rachel Gibson
  • Cupid Gone Wild – Valentine’s Anthology  by O’neal, Heistand, Gloag, and Jacobs
  • Hearts and Daggers (3 Valentine’s Mysteries) by Welk, Alessio, and Justes
  • Little Red Valentine by Iris Abott
  • Her Viking Valentine by Kristen Painter

Happy February, peeps!  I’ll see you back on March 1st.  I’ll be talking about Leprechauns, March Madness, Spring Break, and anything else my warped mind can think of.  Ciao for now!

Why My Resolutions Fail

29 Dec

Everybody always likes to predict what they will do for the next year. I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. If I want to change something in my life, I just do it.  I don’t wait.  What’s that saying? There’s no time like the present.

So, instead of telling you my plans for next year, let me recap all the stuff I did in 2012. Honey, let me tell you, I’ve been a busy little bee!  If 2013 starts off like 2012, I may have to ask Santa for my very own clone.

Here it goes:

  • Jan 2012-Nov 2012 – Interviewed fabulous romance authors on my Internet Radio Show, The Chanta Rand Show
  • March 2012 – Published my futuristic romance, YOU’VE GOT MALE!
  • April 2012 – Attended the 2012 Romance Slam Jam in Little Rock, AR where I received an award for Debut Author of the Year
  • Aug 2012 – Published my romantic suspense, DELAY OF GAME
  • Aug 2012 – Hosted on Long & Short Reviews Anniversary Blog fest (check out my article, Fifty Shades of Blue)
  • Aug 2012 – Interviewed by author Diane Kelly on the Killer Fiction Blog
  • Oct. 2012 – Hosted six romance authors for a week-long blog tour on
  • Oct 2012 – Published my short story, BRO-MANCE 101
  • Nov 2012 – Undercover Monday Promo
  • Dec 2012 – Guest on KIX 96 Radio with Kimberly Kaye (Click here to hear my interview)

I’d like to do more promotion, but I’m busy doing what I do best–writing.  My husband just told me it would be cruel and unusual punishment if I didn’t give readers a glimpse into my future.  The problem with writing all of my goals down is that I actually have to attempt to accomplish them.  So, here is my plan for next year.  If it happens great, if not, get over it.

My projects for 2013

  • January 9, 2013 – Debuting on Romancing the Jock Blog
  • March 2013 – Goddess
  • May 2013 – Attending 2013 Romance Slam Jam in Milwaukee, WI
  • Aug 2013 – Scheduled to publish STEEL IN LOVE, (3-Quel to The Highest Bidder)
  • November 2013 – Scheduled to publish THIEF OF HEARTS (Historical Romance)

You can check out all of my hard work anytime. I’m on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.


Come Get Your KIX With Me!

28 Nov

I’ll be chatting live on the radio with Kimberly Kaye, host of 96 KIX Radio.  I’m honored to be the Author of the Week this Thursday, November 29th.  Make sure to tune in at 1 PM CST. You won’t want to miss this as I talk about my sizzling hot new romance, DELAY OF GAME.  This book has murder, mystery, and of course, lots of steamy romance!

And for you sports lovers, you’ll get to learn more about Romancing the Jock, a new blog I’m featured on along with a host of other talented authors who love writing about sports and romance.

To listen, click on the link below:

Check out the book trailer

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Drop and Give Me 20 – LICKS!

9 Nov

Veterans Day is the day we observe to honor and thank all military personnel who served the United States in all wars. I’m the proud daughter of a Vietnam and a Korean war veteran (Hi Dad!).

I salute all the veterans out there who put their lives on the line so we can enjoy the freedoms we often take for granted.

One of the freedoms we enjoy is the ability to read whatever we want.  In honor of Veterans Day, I’m listing a few books with military themes.

So, on Veterans Day, remember those who served, fly your American flag high, and get engrossed in a juicy novel – ’cause there ain’t nothin’ sexier than a man in uniform!

  • The Grunt – LaTrivia S. Nelson (This is good one! Dang – just look at the cover. That should be motivation enough!)
  • Special Forces – Erisa Knowles
  • Until There Was You – Jessica Scott
  • Dating A Cougar – Donna McDonald (I’m currently reading this one!)
  • Her Forbidden Hero – Laura Kaye
  • The Edge of Trust – KT Bryan
  • Saints and Sinners – Capri Montgomery
  • Will and Dena: Love and Life in WWII – Bob Rogers
  • The Sweetest Temptation – Rochelle Ayers
  • Who Needs a Hero? – Jennifer L. Hart
  • Taken with the Enemy: Tia Fanning
  • The Path to Freedom – Lisa Pietsch

Okay, I’ve given you enough to get started. What the heck are you still doing here? Go read!