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My idea of a perfect day is being swept up in a good story and transported to another period in time.  Growing up on a military base in Germany, I spent most of my time at the library.  And let me tell you, since we only had three English-speaking television channels, I wore that library card out!  At ten years old, I was on a mission to read all of the Nancy Drew books in one summer. I surprised myself by doing it in two weeks.

I guess that’s what led me to my love of writing.  I wanted to create a story that would get someone so totally absorbed, that the circus could be in the next room and they wouldn’t even notice! 
Also, I have a passion for history, and I wanted a forum to discuss it in an entertaining way.  Okay, call me a nerd, but I actually LIKE research.  And I’m a sucker for epic movies with costumes, like Roots, Odysseus, North and South – you get the picture.
I like to write about young relationships.  Not young as in “the age” but young as in “the stage” of the relationship.  To me, everything is so much more interesting at the very beginning of the relationship when the characters are feeling each other out and jockeying for position – no pun intended.
I enjoy reading authors of all genres, including Piper Huguley, Angie Daniels, Sienna Mynx, Johanna Lindsey, Jeffrey Archer, Jennifer Estep, Jaci Burton, and Russell Blake. My tastes in non-fiction lean toward politics and anything historical.  When I’m not writing, I’m usually watching the History Channel, collecting comic books, shopping, or traveling with my family.

View the article in USA Today written by best-selling author and former RWA President, Michelle Monkou.  Click here for more details.

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