Why I’m Boycotting the 2016 Olympics

1 Aug


Sadly, I’m going to have to boycott the Olympics from now on. Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel revealed the International Olympic Committee has a long history of greed, corruption, and partnering with tyrannical dictators.

Not only have the IOC members made personal demands, including cash, plastic surgery, and 24-hour butler service. They’ve also commanded host countries to do everything in their power to make the games spectacular—no matter what the cost. This has resulted in people being dragged from their homes to make room for Olympic stadiums, migrant workers being killed or denied their passports until they finish construction on Olympic projects, and entire populations being subject to human rights violations. When one worker from the Sochi Olympics complained, he was beaten and tortured, by having a crowbar repeatedly shoved up his anus.

To fund the Olympics, governments in many cities like Rio have eliminated funding for local hospitals and schools. Rio’s water is so contaminated with human waste and garbage, Olympic athletes have been warned not to get any water into their mouths when competing in water sports.

I’m not blaming the IOC for these abuses, but they are not doing one single thing to address these atrocities. Their corruption knows no bounds, and I can no longer reward their greed and blatant disregard for human rights.

Please read this article when you have time or check out Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: IOC.



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