13 Things I Never Travel Without

17 Apr



It’s that time again. Sun, fun, and vacations. My husband and I try to take at least two vacations a year. I’m always down for anything tropical, with an adult beverage or two. I’m packing for a cruise right now. Being a military brat, I’m a veteran at packing and moving. I keep a checklist of items, which I’ve updated over the years. When I was ten years old, I wouldn’t dare go anywhere without my Richie Rich comics or my Barbie dolls. Now that I’m pushing forty-six, the list has changed somewhat, but these are all things I can’t bear to travel without.


  1. Passport (I like collecting those stamps)
  2. Kindle and charger (I have three kindles. I usually take the  Paperwhite and a backup.)
  3. Laptop and charger (I never know when the urge to write might strike. I’ve written on the Lido Deck, in the airport, on my hotel balcony, and on the plane.)
  4. IPod and ear buds (To tune out those chatty folks sitting next to me on the plane, on the beach, and wherever else chatty folks tend to sneak up on me).
  5. Sinus meds (Sadly, this nose can attract pollen from fifty miles away)
  6. Rubber flip flops (For the hotel shower and the beach)
  7. Chap stick (I’m addicted to the stuff)
  8. CPAP machine (This is for my husband, not me. Actually, it’s the first thing on his list—even before underwear. He can go commando, but if I have to endure even one hour of his snoring, I’ll be in misery.)
  9. Beer bottle opener (I’ve got one on my keychain—you never know when you might be stranded with a cold beer and no way to open it!)
  10. Tampons (Yep, Aunt Flow has been known to show up unexpectedly)
  11. Pashima (It can double as a shawl or a sarong, depending on the climate)
  12. Flashlight (I hate waking up in total darkness in those cruise ship rooms)
  13. Switchblade (Just in case I get tied up and thrown into the back of someone’s trunk—I know, I’ve been reading too many suspense novels!)




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