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Ready to DUKE it out?

16 Dec



Yesterday, my historical romance, Rise of a Queen was profiled on a Year Without a Duke. This site profiles “romantic adventures outside the Regency.” In other words, it’s for people like me who are sick of reading historical romances about dukes and duchesses. No disrespect to the hardworking authors who write in this genre, but if I have to read one more line about Lady this, or Lord that, I think I might throw up in my reticule.

In the spirit of Year Without a Duke, I’ve also decided to profile the historical books I’ve read and enjoyed over the years. They cover everything from ancient civilizations to the wild west to war-torn Europe. I’m starting with my book, Rise of Queen. Yes, I’m a selfish biatch sometimes. But since it’s my blog, I’m going first. If you like it, drop me a line and let me know. You can also review a full excerpt on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Rise of a Queen – A medieval African romance set in 1061 AD. Start reading here.