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26 Sep


I can’t believe it’s officially fall. Normally, I hate fall because it signals the end of the year. I don’t like endings. I like beginnings and fresh starts. That’s why I like sunrises, and not sunsets. I think spring and summer are filled with so much promise. Fall and winter…not so much. At any rate, I’m learning to embrace fall with the help of my Sexy Scribbler friends. Twelve talented and bestselling authors who are revolutionizing the literary world. Well, not really. But we are compiling a fall box set for 2016. So, stay tuned for more details.

To wrap up my year, I’ll be rounding it out with a blog tour. A shout out to all of the wonderful authors who are hosting me. Also, I couldn’t have done this without the help of Crystal. She’s awesome! Check out the tour schedule below. If you want to sign up for the Rafflecopter grand prize, visit Reviews by Crystal

In the meantime, happy pumpkin hunting or leave raking, or whatever it is you fall lovers do.

P.S. The title of this blog has nothing to do with this post. It’s just that I hate blogging, too. But a smart author once told me the key to a successful blog is in the title. So, I figured everyone loves a cowboy. And what woman can resist a cupcake? So, I put them both together, and viola!

Tune in next week for “Kitten Surfs 40-foot Wave in Australia.”


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