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Shades of Desire by Chanta Rand

16 Jun

Literary Lagniappe

And now, for a very special sneak peek into Courtroom Number 301…


Judge Grace Burroughs sat perched high on the bench of Courtroom Number 301. The state seal and the words “in God we Trust” were etched on an over-sized, gold plaque behind her. Cayson surreptitiously glanced at her from where he stood at the counselor’s table. God, he trusted, but this woman—not so much. She had a pointed chin, stern mouth, and eyes resembling cold balls of steel. To the legal world, she was known as “Barracuda.” Beneath the black robes, Cayson knew her as Gracie. That was the name she’d insisted he call her in bed. He’d paid dearly for the one-night stand he’d had with her five years ago when she was a wily prosecutor and he was fresh out of law school.

Not his finest conquest, but hell, that’s what drinking a fifth of Johnnie Walker could do to a man. He was…

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