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13 Jul

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We’ve all seen it—women shoving everything from folded currency to cell phones into the deep and seemingly endless folds of flesh inside their bras. Maybe it’s because I’m not well-endowed on top (If I put something as small as a paperclip in my bra, it would no doubt, slither down into my pants). Maybe it’s because I feel sorry for the dollar bills getting sweat-soaked and suffocated behind those massive mammary glands. For whatever reason, it bothers the hell out of me when women use their bras as purses.


Seriously, breasts should be revered, encased in delicate lace or smooth silk—not serving as a fleshy wallet. Well, for all the Boobie Billfolds out there, I have great news.  The GirlyGo Garter has arrived.


Have you ever looked at the SkyMall magazine? The one you find on planes? Normally, I won’t touch the thing. I’m a germaphobe. The idea of making any contact with the sticky paper that everyone else’s mitts have been on is enough to make me keep my distance. But a few weeks ago, I was traveling and I forgot my Kindle at home. Yes, I was inconsolable. Desperate for any reading material to fill the time on the 45-minute flight, I reluctantly gave in and I reached for the SkyMall mag.


And guess what? There were some pretty ingenious items for sale in there. One that caught my eye was the GirlyGo Garter. This handy piece of lacy elastic can be used for holding a woman’s money, credit cards, and yes, even a cell phone. Now, isn’t that much better than digging down the front of your shirt groping for loose change? I guess if you wanted to include bulkier items in the garter, such as a pack of cigarettes, lighter, etc., you could. Hey, it’s not my business what you have between your legs.  Just do me a favor…don’t go reaching up your skirts in public. Then, I’ll have whole new complaint to write about.


Stay tuned for more “I just can’t live without it” products from SkyMall in my next post.


The GirlyGo Garter – Available for the low, low price of $36.99.


Chanta Rand is the multi-published author of several romances, and the newly-released, EXECUTION WORLD, a dystopian thriller of survival on an asteroid designed for murder.