My First Comic Con – Won’t Be the Last!

25 Nov

Remember back in April when I said I was outta here and you could follow me on my website instead of my blog? Today, I changed my mind. And I can do that under Section 4, Subsection 8, Paragraph ii of the Chanta Rand Code of Conduct. Basically, that translates to a Woman’s Prerogative – not to be confused with Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative.”

So, what made me want to get off my pajama-fleeced bottom and blog today? These little cuties below:

Baby Predators 2

Baby Predators

No, these baby Predators are not the love children of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I spotted them at the Wizard World Comic Con in Austin, TX. So cute! The little one couldn’t have been more than two years old. The older one is probably six or seven.  Don’t you wanna just take them home and bake them some cookies?  While I was there, I also got a chance to meet Michael Rooker (A.K.A. Merle Dixon).

Me and Michael Rooker

Me with Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon from The Walking Dead)

Mr. Rooker was super cool. He was a nice guy and he graciously signed my Merle and Daryl Dixon 2-pack action figure and he posed for a pic. He was AWESOME! I’m so sad Merle had to leave The Walking Dead just when his character was finding some redeeming qualities. While I’m at it, a big shout-out to Danai Guirira.  Michone, you’re still my favorite character on TWD.

I had an amazing time at Austin Comic Con, and I will definitely be going again.  You can see the other peeps I ran into at Comic Con below. And don’t forget to vote in the poll below. Tell me which pick you like the best! Until we meet again. Ciao for now!

Conan take me away

Conan, Take me Away!


Is that you, Leonidas?

Ice cream is bad for you

New Bluebell flavor: Chocolate CRUNK

Man of Steel

The real Man of Steel

Michonne look a like

Michonne Look-a-like

Steam Ain't No Punk

Steam Ain’t No Punk

Walter White

Walter White Look-a-Like


Anime duo. I don’t know their names, but they are kickass!

Princess Leia has a pow-wow

Princess Leia has a pow-wow


Queen of Hearts

Which one is you favorite?


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