Are You Scared of FaceBook?

6 Aug

Yesterday, I had an interesting conversation with Kayelle Allen, Founder of Marketing for Romance Writers (MFWR).  This all started when she sent an email to the members of the MFWR loop requesting banners for a banner promo.  Kayelle is so sweet, she also offered to help members create their own banner for posting.  Me, being the independent, hard-headed multi-tasker that I am, decided I was going to use one of the free websites out there to create my own banner.

By the way, I used  It’s an excellent site.

As usual, my first attempts were remiscent of a newborn foal trying to walk on wobbly legs. After some tweaking, Kayelle helped me get my banner ready for publication.  The woman has the patience of Job on steroids!

Finally, she sent an email requesting my Facebook and Twitter links. When I told her I had none, she was shocked. Okay, that’s putting it mildly.  I think she probably wanted to respond back, AYSM (Are You Shittin’ Me?)!  I told her that I’ve had issues with FB in the past. Frankly, I was overwhelmed by all the posting when I first got the account, and I immediately shied away from it.

Of course, Kayelle stressed the importance of authors having social media as a way to interact with readers. Let’s face it: Readers keep us in business and they deserve to have a way to communicate with us.  My readers have made wonderful suggestions for my books. Even the reviews I’ve received have helped me refine my writing. None of this would be possible without email and social media.  My response prompted Kayell to blog about the importance of social media.  You can check it out at the link below.

Kayelle provided me with the same list that’s on the MFRW list.  And guess what? This prompted me to get a Twitter account. I’ll be sharing it with you later this week.  I’m still not ready for FB, but I’m taking baby steps!  So, what are your thoughts? Is all this social media overwhelming for you?


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